ADCBOSS – Description

ADC Management Automation and Orchestration

  • Automate
  • Reduce cost
  • Migrate to the cloud
  • Enhance application visibility
  • Consolidate devices
  • Reduce user errors

ADCBoss provides management, automation, and orchestration of multivendor ADC environments across data centers. It offers management capabilities that map to the needs of application owners, network engineers, and network operations.  It simplifies configuration, backups and migration of devices. ADCBoss supports A10 Networks, Amazon Web Services (ELB), Cisco, Citrix, F5 Networks and Radware.

ADCBOSS has been deployed and used in several FTSE 100 companies.

  • +100K objects
  • +25 data centers
  • +250 devices
  • +5 ADC multi vendor supported

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