Do you need to support using ADCBOSS?

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Which vendors are currently supported by ADCBOSS?

ADCBOSS currently supports F5 Networks, A10 Networks, Radware, Cisco CSS, Citrix Netscaler and AWS ELB. We are currently adding support for new vendors.

Does ADCBOSS store SSL Certificates gathered through the SSL Cert discovery?

No. ADCBOSS retries the SSL Certificate information, but the certificates still resides in the ADC device.

Is it possible to have a demo of the product?

Yes. Please contact us for further details.

How ADCBOSS communicates to the ADC devices?

ADCBOOS communicates to the ADC devices using the vendor’s API.

How is ADCBOSS deployed?

ADCBOSS is a virtual appliance which runs on VMware hypervisor.

Can ADCBOSS help me to migrate my ADC to the cloud?

Yes. ADCBOSS has built-in functionality to migrate from hardware ADC devices to cloud providers like AWS.

How is the licensing model for the product?

The license is based on a per Virtual Servers/WideIPs count. You pay based on the amount of Virtual Servers/Wideips that you want to support using ADCBOSS.