ADCBOSS Adding Radware Alteon Device


On this post, we will go through the steps to add a Radware Alteon device to ADCBOSS.

In order to add a Radware Load balancer to the  platform you need to navigate to Devices → Add Device → Radware Alteon as shown below:

adcboss citrix netscaler

A screen like the one shown below will appear:

adcboss radware alteon

On this screen you need to populate the following information:

  • Device Name
  • IP Address
  • Administrator username
  • Administrator Password
  • Datacenter

If you want to fetch the confguration from the device tick the “Get Confguration” option. As we are adding a Radware device provisioned for LB, tick the “LB/LTM Module” option.
If you get any error when trying to add the device, check the following:

  • Username and password for admin user are correct
  • Device name and IP address are correct. It is important that the actual Device name configured on the appliance matches the name used here.
  • Connectivity from the ADCBOSS appliance on port 443 and 22 to the Radware device is allowed.

Once the device has been correctly added to ADCBOSS, you can see it navigating to Devices→List devices
The details of the Radware device will appear on this screen:


It is that easy to add a Radware device to ADCBOSS. If you need to add other kind of ADC product or load balancer, please check the following guides: