F5 Certified Solution Expert

f5 certification program

Oscar Pucheta, our Principal Consultant at Austral Tech is ‘F5 Certified Solution Expert’ Number 59! (Certification ID F5CSE00000059Secur) After successfully passing the F5 401 exam. He is part of the few F5 certified solution experts in the world! There are no more than a few hundred people worldwide who have received this certification.

At Austral Tech we are very proud of this acknowledgement. This means that we can continue to do what we are good at and that F5 recognises our expertise. We would definitely like to thank Oscar Pucheta for his dedication and commitment. Obtaining this certification is really the culmination of their efforts to be the best in the business.

This certification validates our top consultants have experience designing security solutions leveraging BIG-IP LTM, BIG-IP DNS, BIG-IP ASM, BIG-IP APM, BIG-IP AFM, BIG-IQ modules, IP Intelligence (IPI), WebSafe, and MobileSafe.

During the exam, his knowledge of the different modules was tested. Most F5 technologies were covered. This certification proves that he has the necessary skills to combine all modules into one solution. This is the highest-level certification attainable.

So, feel free to check our website and contact us if you need any F5 Consulting Services. You know we have the top talent!