F5 Engineer, what they do?

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Engineers with F5 expertise

An F5 Engineer is what people usually refers to the Network Engineer or Consultant working with products from F5 Networks. The main focus of F5 Networks is Application Delivery Networking (ADN) that optimises delivery of network-based applications. F5 also focuses on network security, server availability, and other network resources. F5 engineers are specialists in the stack, and manage the high-level design and planning of F5 systems within an organisation. As F5 continues to grow its market share, engineers with F5 expertise will become more in-demand in the market.

Most F5 engineers enter the field as network engineers. A bachelor’s degree in network administration, information technology, computer science or computer engineering is typically required to become an engineer. Many network engineers also hold Master’s Degrees in computer engineering or another IT-related field. Additionally, network engineers usually hold certifications in areas like Networking, Linux and Cisco.

Network Engineers that want to focus specifically on F5 technologies should pursue certification from F5. The main activity of an F5 Engineer is usually to provide remote technical support on F5 products to F5 customers and partners.


  • Provides technical support to troubleshoot and resolve F5 hardware and software issues on customer’s systems.
  • Provides F5 customers and partners with a consistently high-quality support experience through accurate trouble shooting, technical analysis and effective communication throughout the life of the case.

Qualifications & Attributes

  • Proven experience in a technical support role, working with relevant technologies. Experience with enterprise-level corporate customers in production environments preferred.
  • Able to work with moderate supervision and in a team environment. Is reliable in availability and can prioritise work based upon customer and business needs.
  • Hands on technical experience with and very knowledgeable on LAN/WAN operations, protocols and concepts (TCP/IP, UDP, SSL, Encryption, DNS, SNMP, HTTP etc), UNIX or Linux Operating systems, networking hardware and virtual environments.
  • Able to troubleshoot complex issues at all layers of the OSI model.
  • Knowledge and experience of scripting (Bash, Perl, Python)
  • Knowledge and experience in cloud and security aspects

Career Opportunities for F5 Engineers

If you are seeking out strong opportunities to grow your career as an F5 Engineer, we recommend to start taking the free courses from F5 Networks, check our blog posts about F5 products and download the F5 Free Virtual Machine so you can do some labs.